Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Philly is Dwight Howard's best fit

Dwight Howard's broad shoulders could carry the 76ers to glory/

Sometimes a man’s desire may not be what’s best.
Dwight Howard has a well-documented desire to play with the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets and star point guard Deron Williams. But the best fit for the NBA’s best center is probably an hour and a half south of New York:  in Philadelphia.
That’s right. 
Those first place, defense playing Philadelphia 76ers.
The Sixers have all the ingredients of a contending team except a superstar. Kind of like a birthday party without a cake. Could be good, but incomplete.
Enter Howard.
The Sixers are at the top of every defensive statistic and Howard is the NBA’s best defender. The supporting cast has good perimeter defenders, an up-and-coming point guard, the league’s best bench, and solid passers to get Dwight the ball wherever he wants it.
Howard would bolster the team’s already potent fast break, whether it’s from his blocked shots or firing outlet passes after pulling down one of his 20 rebounds.
Big market? No problem. Philly boasts the 4th largest media market in the US with several major newspapers and a metropolitan area that covers three states. Plus, he would still be only 90 minutes from Madison Avenue. Add in the passion and intensity of the fan base and Philadelphia would fit him like a glove.
Let’s face it, Brooklyn may be in the New York city limits, but it’s not Manhattan. There hasn’t been a major sports team in the borough since the 1950s and with most of the population Knicks fans, who knows how the Nets will be received.
In Philadelphia he’d be following in the footsteps of Wilt Chamberlain and Moses Malone, a far cry from Net greats Shawn Bradley and Jayson Williams.

Couldn’t you just see a Dwight Howard flavored Tastycake or him running up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum ala Rocky Balboa? Well one thing’s for sure, if Howard ends up in Philly the cake will definitely be at the party.

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