Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vick-torious Redemption

Hollywood couldn’t even write this script. Two years and one month after being released from federal prison, the Philadelphia Eagles have signed quarterback Michael Vick to a 6 year 100 million dollar extension. Talk about redemption. Vick was third on the depth chart in 2009 and now, 3,000 yards and 30 total touchdowns later, he is the unquestioned face of the franchise. The contract includes 40 million dollars in guaranteed money.

Did the Eagles over pay for Vick? Yes. Even they think so. ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio said in a radio interview with Mike Missanelli that the Eagles wanted to pay Vick in the 12-13 million dollar per year range while Vick asked for 18.5. In the end, the Eagles bit the bullet and gave Vick his second 100 million dollar deal, averaging 16.67 per year.

This is a risky deal for multiple reasons. It remains to be seen whether Vick can stay healthy for 16 games or if last season’s success was an anomaly. What we do know is Vick will have to produce better than a 2-3 career playoff record to earn that money. When asked if the measuring stick of this deal is a Super Bowl title, Vick said “absolutely.”  If Vick wants Tom Brady money, time to put up Brady-like results.

Check out some highlights of Vick’s 100 million dollar season.


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  1. They def. Overpaid... They aid Buck for projected accomplishments not body of work since he went to philly..