Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New KD on the Block; Kevin Durant is quickly becoming the best in the game

Durant dunks in 2010 playoffs

First it was the 66 points at Rucker Park. Then he gave Melo and “King” James 59 points last week in Baltimore.  I guess it’s all in a summer’s work for Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. The two-time scoring champ’s assault on the game has him quickly approaching the title as the NBA’s best.

Who else is in his way? Kobe’s declining, LeBron and D-Wade can’t close and Carmelo is inconsistent and one-dimensional. Add the underwhelming post game of Dwight Howard and who do you have left?
“What about Dirk?” you ask. Dirk clearly has come a long way at closing games and shedding the “soft” label, but he’d even tell you that he’s not the complete package that Durant is. Durant's 6-10, can shoot from anywhere on the floor, he finishes in every way possible and is improving his playmaking and defense every day.

In his four year career Durant has been Rookie of the Year, MVP and gold medalist at the World Championship, two-time scoring champ and he got the Thunder to the Conference Finals just two years after the team won 23 games. In the 2011 playoffs, Durant singlehandedly eliminated the Nuggets, and who knows what would have happened if Russell Westbrook had just passed the damn ball!

KD is the epitome of a gym rat. The dude’s just never satisfied. He continues to live in the gym working on his game despite his superstar status. To top it off, he's already signed an extension, showing his loyalty to Oklahoma City. The boy’s skills are immeasurable, he works his tail off and he’s loyal to the organization that gave him a shot at the NBA. You can’t make this stuff up! No offense to Paul Pierce, but Kevin Durant is the truth.  

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