Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Biggest Loser; Winning Free Agency doesn't equal winning games

Tough year for Eagles fans.
Well, now I guess we can say that the proverbial sky has fallen over Lincoln Financial Field. The Philadelphia Eagles have sputtered out of the gate to a 1-4 record, vastly falling short of preseason expectations.
The team’s dysfunction is not just limited to the playing field. The fans are calling for the firing of coaches and guys in the locker room are questioning the intestinal fortitude of fellow teammates.   
Should the team's start be a complete surprise? Maybe not. How many times have we seen franchises collect super talent in the offseason and not get immediate results on the field, court, or diamond?
The Eagles committed millions to Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin, Vince Young, and the prize of free agency Nnamdi Asomughua. All of those guys were former Pro Bowlers, and even one is a Super Bowl Champ.  
I guess the Eagles didn’t think about continuity, camaraderie, and team chemistry when they dished out those big contracts.  It’s baffling to see franchises go on wild spending sprees in free agency and expect the team to immediately win when history has always shown the total opposite.
Yankees have one title since '01

The Yankees have always been big free agency spenders but have only won one World Series titles since 2001. The Redskins of the 1990s popularized big spending and bigger losing in the NFL. Last season saw the Miami Heat sign 3 top 20 players and fall short of a title. And this list goes on and on.
Spending big just masks weaknesses that are unveiled in big moments. No one knew the Heat lacked good point guard play and interior defense until the NBA Finals. In the same way, no one was talking about the Eagles' poor talent at linebacker, an inadequate offensive line, and the head scratching move of switching the offensive line coach to defensive coordinator.
The Only Dream Team

This Eagles team was flawed from the beginning. They strengthened areas where they were already strong and completely ignored their major areas of concern. The “dream team” label was only added pressure. Especially since the only Dream Team consisted of all time greats like Jordan, Magic, and Bird. This team is just a bunch of birds with no magic.

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