Sunday, October 9, 2011

The list continues - QBs # 5-#3

5. Kurt Warner        FTQBR - 46

Surprise! Who knew Kurt Warner would rank this high on the list? At first glance, you wouldn’t put Warner over Aikman or Marino. But when you look at the numbers, they scream Hall of Fame. Kurt Warner has been an MVP twice, a Super Bowl Champion, Super Bowl MVP, and first team All Pro twice.

He retired second all time with a 65.5% completion percentage and second all time 93.7 career passer rating, both better than the aforementioned Hall of Famers. But perhaps his greatest accomplishment was leading the hapless Ram and Cardinal franchises to Super Bowls. For that alone he should be on this list.

Warner went from bagging groceries to the Super Bowl in a matter of months. A devout Christian and community activist, Warner is living proof that nice guys don’t always finish last.

4. Peyton Manning        FTQBR - 53

You didn’t think Peyton Manning would be left out did you? Manning walked into the worst franchise in the NFL in 1998 and changed the fortunes of the Colts forever. After a 3-13 rookie year, Manning led the Colts to 13-3 the next season and they haven’t had a losing season since.

Peyton plays the position like General Patton. He barks plays at his troops and meticulously attacks the opposition with tenacity; firing bullets up and down the field with precision.

His stats are straight up ridiculous. He’s thrown for 54,000 yards, 399 touchdowns and he’s been named All Pro 5 times. Cap those numbers with a Super Bowl win and we’re talking about a guy on the Mt. Rushmore of quarterbacks.

I don’t know if there is any quarterback that works harder at the position as Manning. His record 4, yes 4, MVP trophies are proof of that.

3. Steve Young        FTQBR - 55

Steve Young was one of the most physically gifted athletes to ever play in the NFL. The dude was 6’2, 215 lbs, had 4.5 speed, pin-point accuracy and had the intelligence of a lawyer.

After playing in quarterback purgatory, coaching legend Bill Walsh traded his second and fourth-round draft choices to Tampa for Young. The Bucs got Vinny Testaverde and more years of losing while the 49ers got a Hall of Famer.

When he finally got his time to start in San Francisco, he never looked back. He won a record 6 passing titles, 2 league MVPs, and 3 first team All Pro selections. He played big in the NFL’s biggest game throwing a record 6 touchdowns and earning the MVP award in his Super Bowl victory over the San Diego Chargers.

The guy would do anything to get a victory. If it meant throwing the winning touchdown pass or running threw a linebacker for a first down, Young did it.

Young threw and ran his way through the NFL record books. He retired with the highest quarterback rating in NFL history and a quarterback record 43 rushing touchdowns.

Young was the most versatile quarterback to ever play the game. To know how good he was just think about this. The Niners sent the great Joe Montana to Kansas City in Young's favor and the team didn’t miss a beat. Nuff said.

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